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Concrete Patios

At Vantage Concrete, we want the long-standing importance of being one of the best concrete patios contractors in the Tricities area. For the past decades, outdoor living areas like patios have been one of the most demanded house developments, and they’ve increased in popularity over the past few years. So, why have concrete patios become so popular? It’s characteristic of a broad trend toward a more casual and comfortable lifestyle. When we build concrete patios, you get the opportunity to improve your living room without spending a lot.

Why should you have to pick between cost and quality? We provide value, which implies you get a well-crafted concrete patio for a reasonable price. The materials used in patios have significantly enhanced through the years, counting to the popularity of patios. Vantage Concrete builds concrete patios using many other materials, including brick, concrete, and rock. We will deliver you a very custom look, using a wide range of concrete dyes and sealants to provide you with the look of genuine rock, stone, or brick without the expense. You can always mix a pair of different materials, like brick trim and concrete, to create a plan all your own.


Concrete has the ability to present you with a stunning piece of design flexibility, and the possibilities and dimensions of concrete patios are virtually infinite. Maybe you’re curious about fixing an old patio? We can do that for you, too. You can protect an obsolete, plain grey patio with shades and designs for a completely new look at a substantial savings over building a brand new patio. When you refinish or repair an older patio, the recovery on your asset can be as considerably as 500%. At Vantage, we’ll design and create an excellent patio for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Request a free calculation today, and talk with one of our experienced crafters about your patio requirements to discover everything we can do for you. Serving the Tricities area for over 22 years, we pledge honesty, goodness, and quality artistry on every project. It’s our promise to you and your family. To learn more, contact us now or call us at 604-612-8743.