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About Us​

About Us

Welcome to Vantage Concrete, your number one source for concrete contractors. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of our service, with a focus on high-quality work at extremely cost-effective prices. Learn more about us below.

What We Offer

We provide both residential and commercial concrete services in your area and its surrounding areas. We are unique because we focus on making the customer experience easy and enjoyable resulting in a concrete structure that adds value and beauty to any property. Our customers take pride in our work and forever appreciate the precision and craftsmanship we put into each of our projects that results in a long-lasting foundation you can depend on.

Vantage Concrete offers a wide variety of work from small jobs such as concrete patios and concrete stairs, to large home foundations. We’ll also provide you with several options of concrete finishes such as: decorative, stamped, coloured, salt scored, as well as the traditional broom finish. Our customers will not just get the best price but also the best quality services on the market.

We Deliver



Pool Decks


Concrete Pumping

Custom Formwork And Preparation

Structural Concrete Services (Ie. Foundations)

and more!

What’s unique about Vantage Concrete?

Decades of experience in the Concrete Industry

Vantage has over 26 years in the business, Vantage Concrete has come a long way from its beginning. We continue the tradition of completing high-quality projects, which is how we’ve brought great satisfaction and curbside appeal to many customers in many cities. We provide free in-person estimates, and every job has a Project Manager to keep your job on track and ensure quality standards. Our processes and team members deliver expert results.

Continual Improvement

Our management team and field workers provide excellent service and results because we’ve been perfecting our skills for decades. We work hard to meet and exceed expectations so you enjoy your outdoor upgrades and want to refer family and friends.

Dozens of positive reviews

We are a family business that strives for quality and customer satisfaction.

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

We maintain any required licenses and bonding in the states we operate. We have a million-plus liability policy. If requested, we are happy to provide policy documentation and a lien release. With well-trained and experienced labour combined with advanced concrete equipment, we can adjust to any residential or commercial situation. There is no job that is too small or too large for us!

We will keep posting more important posts on Vantage Concrete for all of you. We thank you for all your support and love.

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